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Exquisite embroidery stitched in glittery silk is a Chinese folk handcraft which has been passed down for thousands of years as a cultural heritage, remaining a visible source of pride for China.

Rather than having its roots in the arts, the legend of silk embroidery is derived from the daily sewing of civilian households, passed down from mother to daughter generation after generation. Eventually this common practice was transformed and developed into an art for decorating the imperial courts.

The origin of the high quality silk fabric remains the same today as it has for centuries. Especially well known for being the source of the delicate Suzhou embroidery, the area south of the lower reaches of the Changjiang River is known as Jiangnan, where the capitals of a number of Chinese dynasties were once located.

Beginning in Shanghai during the 19th century, traditional Chinese culture has been transformed by the introduction of Western culture. The miraculous spell that is still permeating the streets of Shanghai is a byproduct of this historical background.

Brand Name

‘Annabel Lee’ is the renowned name of one of famous American poet Edgar Allan Poe’s (1809~1849) later poems. The well known poem was written in memory of his beloved beautiful wife Virginia. Inspired by the poem and the beauty of both the meaning and his own inspiration, we adopted as our store and brand name. The beautiful phrases in this poem resonate vividly and with a mesmerizing impact on many. The products delivered by , similar to the phrased melodies reflected in the poem, evoke the beautifully harmonious world we live in. The angel described in the poem, the beautiful Annabel Lee, is the brand icon around which we have developed our unique products.


was established in the year 2000. The exquisite designs offered since our initial opening have been rich in sophistication and reflect fine elements of China culture. Designers interpret the background and meaning of brilliant Chinese traditional motifs including "eternity patterns", "dragons," "bird cages," and "lotuses," and incorporate them into modern relevant designs. will continue to generate unique reflections through creative works by designers from China who demonstrate deep interpretation of history and China's traditional culture. Generating innovative new designs, also international designers with European or Japanese backgrounds also provide unique interpretations to Chinese motifs.



offer original products
with traditional craftsmanship designed by true creatives.
Most of our products are available online.  Please note we deliver globally.

The Bund Flagship Store

designed its new flagship store at the Bund to show its appreciation for Chinese tradition. Inspired by the ancient and UNESCO heritage villages of Xi Di and Hong Cun, Annabelle Lee seeks to embrace the historic beauty of the Hui Zhou area in Annhui Province with a contemporary sensitivity. MORE >>


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